April is a life coach for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition in Sacramento. ARC is a support network for, and comprised of, formerly incarcerated individuals devoted to changing their lives by becoming leaders in their communities.  ARC accomplishes its goals by providing job training, and connecting its members to employment, housing and educational opportunities in order to help them acquire the social capital and skills necessary to support themselves and their families.  She has dedicated her life to bringing awareness not solely to mass incarceration of juveniles, but more importantly to women who fall victim to the justice system.

April spent a consecutive 17 years in prison. Her sentence began at the early age of 19. She has become fully aware of the criminalization of women through her firsthand experience. Due to this she has a clearer understanding of the hardships and frustrations a person goes through by being locked up in California's Department of Corrections. By knowing the impacts of incarceration she has dedicated her life to being the voice for the far too many women incarcerated. She also goes inside institutions to inspire and empower those women with hope of having a better life. She is on the forefront of helping pass legislation that ensures women would be treated with equally and impartiality. She lives and loves what she does and will continue to fight until the system changes the fundamental way women incarcerated are perceived and treated.