Darlene Frontuto is the Life Coach at our Bromont Supportive Housing Program.  Darlene previously worked inside LA County’s juvenile halls as the Transition Coordinator with InsideOUT Writers where she assisted youth in building a re-entry plan prior to their release. She has worked with youth for over 10 years in the education, substance abuse and re-entry settings.  Darlene also volunteers her time mentoring youth in marginalized communities and advocating for policy changes at both county and state level.

As a youth, Darlene face similar hardships as the young people she worked with. She grew up in gang infested areas plagued by drugs and violence. Having experienced abuse and abandonment, Darlene turned to the streets to find comfort and acceptance. At the young age of 12, Darlene joined a gang and turned to drugs. By the time she was 14, she had been arrested numerous times and by age 16 she was convicted as an adult and served 2 ½ years. During her incarceration, Darlene participated in InsideOUT Writers, where she was introduced to creative writing. Her love for writing blossomed and became her salvation as she found the benefits to creative expression. Since her release in 2000, her passion has been working with young people, sharing her story of perseverance and giving back to her community. Darlene is a wife, mother to three beautiful children, creative writer and social justice advocate.