Esteban Nunez

Sacramento Coordinator

Mr. Nunez has had direct experience with the California Department of Corrections after serving six years of confinement. A product of a California upbringing and working parents, he experienced an array of losses and family issues that led him to seek support and guidance from misguided friends and 'at-risk' environments. 

Nevertheless, during the six years of imprisonment, he took the time to think deeply, explore the past, and pursue a direction of greater purpose. Having thought long and hard about the ways in which his actions had impacted others (family, friends, community, victims) and himself, Mr. Nunez chose to advance himself by pursuing both a deep spiritual life, higher education, and a life of service to others.

Upon release, he helped open ARC's Sacramento Office, where he is now employed as he completes a Bachelor's Degree in humanities and Engineering. He has found his greatest purpose and joy in life, in the service of others, helping deepen the understanding of the human condition, compassion, forgiveness, and redemption.