Esteban Nunez

Life Coach/Development Assistant

Growing up as Speaker of the assembly’s son, Esteban, in search of his own identity and having craved attention, found it with the wrong crowd leading him to an encounter with the justice system where he learned first-hand the atrocities that happen therein.

While in this broken system he sought ways to make his time productive so he continued his college education. The impact of his actions to his family, his community, and his victims, set him on the path of change. He met Scott Budnick while incarcerated and after being released helped open ARC's Sacramento office, where he is now employed making use of his arduous journey. He found his heart's greatest joy, a passion in reaching the lost and helping them gain success, but more so learning to love themselves. He knows he is embarking on the life long journey of redemption and has embraced it.

While working for ARC he is currently finishing his Bachelor’s Degree and upon completion he will pursue a masters degree.