Eugene Walker


Hope and Redemption Team


Eugene was raised in the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles, in a single parent home which consisted of his mom, older sister, and brother. He was first arrested when he was sixteen years old, for receiving stolen property. He was released from custody and placed on summary probation. He recalls having to serve weekends in Eastlake Juvenile Hall, which was very difficult for him, as he genuinely missed being home. 

The first time he was incarcerated in Los Angeles County jail, as he said to himself , "I can't live in a cell I will go crazy." Fifteen years later, a custody staff recommended that he move to live in a dormitory, yet he refuted it because he became comfortable living in a cell/cage.

Three programs stood out to him as being the most beneficial to his growth, and they are as follows; Straight Life Program (Juvenile Diversion Program-DVI) which showed him that he did have something to offer others. Alternatives To Violence (AVP-CTF) which exposed him to likeminded individuals working together for a common goal. Victim Offender Education Group (V.O.E.G-CTF) which allowed him to sit face to face with survivors of crime, giving him insight into the ripple effect of the continued pain and suffering that crime causes. 

Since his release in 2011, he has worked at Homeboy Industries as a Tattoo Removal Technicians Assistant, Work Source Center as an Employment Specialist. then again at Homeboy Industries as a Case Manager. Today he is a member of The Hope and Redemption Team at ARC, where he works as a Life Coach in two (2) California State Prisons, and continues to work hard and give back to the community.