In 2014, ARC conducted a survey of its members to determine their greatest need for successful reentry. While staff anticipated that employment opportunities would be identified as the top reentry need, members, instead, identified housing as their number one need – more critical to their success than employment, education, trauma therapy, or mentorship opportunities. In response, ARC launched its Supportive Housing and Education Initiative.


Bromont Housing

Located in the foothills of Sylmar, California, the Bromont Housing program fosters a strong relationship with Los Angeles Mission College and their focus on the four year college transfer, as well as  culinary and media arts. Our presence in community outreach and employment opportunities further impacts the success of our residents and the surrounding community.

Maximum capacity: 36 residents


Magnolia Housing

Located in close proximity to Los Angeles Trade Technical College, the Magnolia Housing Program supports residents in pursuing higher education goals, along with a host of alternative career pursuits. The community established within and around the Magnolia program proves to be a solid launching point for a stable, sustainable transition for its residents. 

Maximum Capacity: 22 residents