ARC serves as a support network and a connection to services for its membership of over 160 formerly incarcerated individuals. Members commit to live crime-free, gang-free, drug-free, in school or working, and in service to their community. ARC provides support through mentoring, case management, internship and employment opportunities, regular support network meetings and social outings. Members receive mentoring from professional adult volunteers, known as ARC Allies, and through ARC’s Leadership Council made up of members who exhibit consistent excellence and success. Leadership Council members include formerly incarcerated youth who are now university graduates, lawyers, engineers, politicians and other successful professionals.

ARC Housing and Education Initiative

In September 2014, ARC launched a Supportive Housing and Education Initiative in partnership with the California Community College System to provide housing, counseling and academic support to 22 formerly incarcerated members off of the Los Angeles Mission College campus in Sylmar, CA.

ARC and Stanford Three Strikes Project Ride Home Program
The ARC Ride Home Program was created by ARC Board Member and Director of the Stanford Three Strikes Project Mike Romano. Through this remarkable program, ARC Members provide transportation home, a first meal and a shopping trip for essentials for individuals who have been released due to the passage of Proposition 36, which reformed California’s Three Strikes Law. During the ride home, Members prepare these individuals for their first few days after release, and provide tools and resources to help participants transition back into the community.