ARC serves as a positive and encouraging community, so that members feel empowered and capable as they transition home. Below are some of the specific ways we support members during the reintegration process.

Counseling Services

Licensed therapists and MSW student interns provide one-on-one counseling sessions, as well as group programming for members. Life Coaches connect members to a range of services and resources, including legal support, identification, public benefits, and transportation needs.


ARC's mentorship program is designed to help members develop a strong sense of self and a purpose in the community. New members are paired with peer mentors at intake and, ultimately, become mentors themselves. ARC also provides mentorship opportunities for members with volunteer Allies.


ARC hosts regular retreats to promote peer mentorship among the membership, and to provide opportunities for healing, self-reflection, and goal-setting. In the videos below, ARC highlights its River Rafting Retreat and Catalina retreats.


ARC River Rafting Trip 2016

ARC Catalina Trip 2016