Preston A. Dagons Jr

Magnolia House Program Coordinator

Preston A. Dagons Jr. is the Magnolia House Program Coordinator at the Anti Recidivism Coalition (ARC). As a former Lifer who experienced many types of obstacles my passion grew as I became more involved with assisting others in thinking differently than what they were accustom to. I previously worked for Shields for Families as the lead Vocational Counselor within the workforce Development field assisting others with empowerment programs, case manage, job readiness specialist and creating curriculum specifically targeted for the hard to serve population. 

Preston really didn’t experience a hard background whereas his troubled lifestyle begun when he was faced with a difficult injury as he was pursuing his professional dream as football player.  He was faced with some hard decisions which lead him to respond to the life in the drug world and from this chosen behavior life became more and more challenged. He spent three years in the Nevada Department corrections. While doing his time, he was approached by the organization who represents the Calgary Stampeders (Canadian Football league) who wanted to represent him through another opportunity to play in the professional world. Preston worked to get back into shape but have loss some interest in the pursuit as time became part of a distraction. As time went on he found himself in a position where he became distracted with trying to get some money and committed a crime at the age of 23 that landed him a sentence of 7yrs to life and end up doing 22yrs on the term.

During the course of the beginning stages of doing time Preston new in his hart that this was not going to be the place where he would end his life. Different from his first term of incarceration Preston started reading but more importantly he started interview other lifers about the process which could give him a chance to return home to his family. He is now a father of a beautiful daughter who can’t touch or physically see and new this was part of his initial motivation to do what was necessary to make it home.

After accumulating numerous of vocational trades such as Brick masonry being certified be the state of California, Auto upholstery, Optometry, and Electrical works. Preston became a self-taught sign language interpreter which also lead to a creative position within the institution grounds only because there was a need. He became the interpreter for the hearing impaired for the education departments and others to assist the community to be better at communicating their needs.  He also participated in a mentorship program and became one of three individuals who was elected as a senior mentor becoming certified as AOD counselor specialized in several behavior modification techniques and strategies for the benefit of change. As being a mentor setting the example for other this is where Preston challenged himself to complete his AA degree in general education.

Since being granted parole in 2010, Preston has participated as a HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute) student and graduated as a Hypnotherapist after completing school and practicing Preston went on to peruse his BA of Psychology and graduated in October of 2015. Preston is certified as an Anger Management/ Domestic Violence facilitator and is currently in his Master’s Program in Psychology projected to graduate in October 2017. Preston ability to assist others on the road of change has been one of challenges, but well worth it.