ARC empowers and mobilizes system-impacted young people and their families to play a fundamental role in justice reform efforts through leadership development programming, community organizing, and direct policy advocacy. ARC also utilizes storytelling to shift public perception of formerly incarcerated individuals and to promote the importance of investing in this population.

ARC offers regular advocacy trainings which set out to 1) inform our members of the current juvenile justice and re-entry policy landscape, and 2) provide members with tools to share their experiences to advocate for fairer and more humane criminal justice policies. 

Advocacy trainings focus on public speaking, persuasive writing, and storytelling. All of ARC's advocacy trainings are trauma-informed to ensure that members are prepared and supported in sharing their personal testimony.

Following these trainings, ARC works with several local and statewide advocacy organizations to create opportunities for members to lend their voices to justice reform efforts. This work has led to several important improvements in California's justice system. Read more about these successes here