Research has clearly shown that removing LA County youth from their families and placing them in a foster care or group home setting as a solution to their developmental challenges is ineffective and imposes significant fiscal costs to the county. The educational, emotional and social costs to our youth and their families are even greater. By creating financial incentives to reduce the number of youth placed in out-of-home placement facilities by probation or child welfare in LA County, the Title IV-E Waiver program presents a tremendous opportunity for LA County to invest significantly in improving relationships between youth and their families, and their communities.

This policy brief highlights opportunities presented by the Title IV-E Waiver program to improve the lives of LA youth and their families by allowing LA County to re-direct funds from out of home placements towards programs and services that improve outcomes for youth and families while youth remain in the home. It further advises LA County to seize the opportunity to place youth and their families at the center of services and supports known to improve the lives of youth and their families through the strategic use of Title IV-E Waivers.

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