Anti-Recidivism Coalition Video's


“When I do this it’s open-heartedly. I don’t know who this person is, why he’s getting out, why he was arrested, why he did so much time. But I’m saying, you know what? Regardless of what happened, I’m here.”
— ARC Member Carlos Cervantes on the Ride Home Program


“That trip is always going to stick with me. I’ve been to a lot of programs, a lot of places, and the moment you walk out of there, you feel like it didn’t work. But that for sure worked. I think people were fundamentally changed by it.”
— ARC Member Mylrell Miner on ARC's River Rafting Retreat
I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s happiness.
— ARC Member Michael Rizo on ARC's Catalina Retreat


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— Hope K.
I didn’t grow up thinking I would be all about prison, but once you get near it and you start to see the people that truly deserve another chance and they can’t get it.
— Patty Jenkins